Creating a better world by taking on challenging projects that inspire humanity to follow suit.


Our beginning

In 1993 after years of working in the not-for-profit sector, ecostore founder Malcolm Rands realised he had a problem to tackle: not-for-profits were being distracted from achieving their purpose by the disproportionate amount of time, energy and resources that went into fundraising. Malcolm envisaged a sustainable partnership between a not-for-profit and a philosophically aligned commercial business (ecostore), with a percentage of profits from the commercial business funding the not-for-profit. And so Fairground Foundation was born. 

Fairground Foundations purpose is to create a better world. We identify social and environmental issues that are difficult to solve, and with courageous leadership and on-the-ground action, we tackle these issues head-on. We will prove it is possible to do good AND create jobs. And we will inspire the world to follow suit.

Our current projects are giving circle and Bumpspace. giving circle focuses on building a crowdfunding platform, with a spotlight on flora and fauna projects. Bumpspace involves working with ethical partners to create an inner-city housing development that is sustainable, green, affordable, and encourages a strong sense of community. 

A new model for business: Malcolm Rands at TEDxAuckland